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Alexandra Park Health Centre, 2 Whitswood Close, Manchester, M16 7AP, Telephone: 0161 226 3620, Fax: 0161 226 4918

The "Friends and Family" Test

The Friends and Family Test is a national scheme to collect feedback from NHS services, including GP practices. Each month we collect responses from our patients and we publish the results here. If you'd like to comment you can find a form in the waiting room or you can fill in our online survey at The Whitswood Practice Friends and Family Test

The question asked is: "How likely are you to recommend our GP practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?"

Results from March 2019

Extremely likely 100%
Likely 0%
Neither likely nor unlikely 0%
Unlikely 0%
Extremely unlikely 0%
Don't know 0%

To help collect data we have added an online form to this website. This will allow our patients to leave feedback at their own convenience regarding their care and treatment.

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