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Alexandra Park Health Centre, 2 Whitswood Close, Manchester, M16 7AP, Telephone: 0161 226 3620, Fax: 0161 226 4918

Blood and Organ Donation

You can save lives!

Blood Donation

The NHS depends on regular donations for all blood, which is used to save lives. You can help by signing up to give blood 3-4 times per year. It takes less than an hour and there are locations in lots of places. Find out more or register at

Organ Donation

Many patients who need a life-saving organ transplant have to wait a long time. Often they get worse or die while waiting. You can help by joining the Organ Donor Register. Find out more or register at

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Practice News

Cancel unwanted appointments
Please help us by not wasting appointments.
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Prescriptions without the Q
If you nominate a pharmacy, you can pick up your prescriptions there!
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Online Services
You can access a range of services securely online.
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Online Services

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